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Face and Body Fillers

Filling ( Removal of Wrinkles and Lines with Filling)

Non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid based method.

Dermal Dolgu Antalya

How Wrinkles Occur?

Hyaluronic acid exists on skins of young people and gives brightness and liveliness to the skin. It decreases on skin through time. As a result, wrinkles increase on skin.

Cilt Dolgusu Antalya

Filling materials contain hyaluronic acid. Practice is injecting material into lips or skin. Practice takes 30 minutes at maximum and result comes out directly. It is placed into tissue naturally and allows transition of nutrients like oxygen and hormones. Body cells are easily moved in between layers of gel so, healthy skin is obtained during the time gel is in the body.

Dermal Dolgu Antalya

Botox can be used for deep wrinkles and lines, lip thickening and emphasizing lip outlines.

What are the Side Effects?

Factors like skin structure, life style and age with claimed rate of adjustment affect side effects. Prices and practice duration per session depends on specified material. Used materials have effects which may last 6 months to 5 years. Treated region may be reddish and swollen for a while. This is a normal result of an injeciton and disappers in a day or two. Other effects are very rare.



Botox application in removing skin wrinkles and lines are used. In practice, using small needles into the muscles in the area to be treated by injecting small doses of medication, muscle contraction is prevented and thus no skin wrinkles or lines are intended to be.

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