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Carbon Peeling via Laser Systems

Carbon Peeling via Q Switched Nd:YAG Laser


Laser systems evolve and develop in parallel with technological improvements. These systems continue to provide miraculous results. Light is formed with desired pattern and applied for intended effect.

Uygulama başlığından ayarlanabilen, 8 milimetre çapa kadar büyüyen robot kol cihaz ile geniş alanlarda 10 hertze kadar çıkabilen hız sayesinde, kısa sürede geniş alanları tedavi imkanı bulunmaktadır. Karbon peelingte kullanılan mod dışında, dört farklı başlıktaki dalga boylarındaki ışık ile aynı hız ve konforda farklı renklerde dövme silme, cilt leke tedavileri yapılabilmektedir.

Karbon Peeling Antalya

Thanks to its robotic arm which can grow up to 8mm diameter from its device chamber and its frequency up to 10 hertz, laser devices are able to treat extensive regions in short time. Besides carbon peeling mode, there are four more chambers and wavelengths of light which provides same frequency and comfort for tattoo removal in various colors and skin stain and spot removal treatments.

Lazer Epilasyon Antalya

Covering skin with carbon cream is first step of carbon peeling. Carbon cream provides remaining of maximum concentration of energy on skin surface. Carbon cream which is prepared particularly for the laser’s characteristics, helps evaporating of surface layer with rapid heating. Also foto activation of laser system takes effect. This triggers collagen production at skin and improves elasticity. Practice is completed within 15 minutes and there are no conditions occurred to effect your daily life

Carbon solution is located well into pores and these spots become targets. After that, in nanoseconds of time laser shots clean these particles by popping them. Right after the practice session, a noticeable gleam is seen on the skin.

Are There any Side Effects?

Carbon peeling via laser systems does not have any side effects. It is safe, fast and can be applied on every season, on even dark skins.


Skin Care

Skin care treatments to keep your skin young and live with can be seen. Applied in home skin masks, moisturizing creams, skin care creams such applications unfortunately can not meet the needs of your needed care.

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Fractional Laser Acne and Scar Treatment

Acne pimples are used by many people known by name, usually on the face, chest and back areas are composed. After intense in adolescence that can arise with being perceived as a problem. Fat molecules thrown out due to failure and the occurrence of pathogens emerge. In most people, the problem of acne, some other factors occurring irregular diet, alcohol consumption, smoking is seen as excessive.

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Laser Spot Treatment

Laser treatment of skin blemishes all over the world in recent years is conducted safely. Satisfactory in the light of clinical statistics, less side effects, results showed restrict patients' daily activities. Q-switched Nd: YAG laser treatment of skin blemishes and Dermatology Specialist after careful physical examination is planned.

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