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Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling Treatment

What is Checmical Peeling?

Chemical peeling treatment purpuses creating controlled damage on skin and controlling recovery process. This treatment creates certain damage on desired regions and these regions starts to heal. While this regeneration process, structures that are defected and contain lesions are alson healed. Ingredients of peeling material and deepness of practice must be decided by the doctor, seperately for every patient.

Chemical peeling treatments can be divided into 3 main categories according to deepness of practice:
a) Surface Peeling
b) Medium Depth Peeling
c) Deep Peeling

Under these categories, chemical peeling materials are prepared by using Alpha hydroxy acid, Beta hydroxy acid, Jessner's, Retinoic acid, Trichloroacetic acid peels, Phenol peels substances alone or combined.

What should be considered?

Chemical peeling is a sensitive practice and must be practiced under supervision of a Dermatologist Doctor absolutely. Complication risk increases as practice region goes deeper. Because of that, supervision of a specialist carries a critical weight for both success of results and health of patients.


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