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Botox application in removing skin wrinkles and lines are used. In practice, small needles using the area to be treated in the muscles in small doses, the drug injected , muscle contraction is prevented and therefore skin wrinkles or lines extinction of amaçlanır.medikal aesthetic area heavily used Botox effects of the application of 3-4 months; during this period after the Botox application must be repeated . Applications more lip lines, removing the tip of the nose , forehead wrinkles , brow lift , neck and décolleté are used in the . Application is simple and can be completed over a period of approximately 10-15 min . Need for anesthesia for painless application groove but on the skin after application to the track is not found in the injected area . During the application from patients according to the information during injection to a lesser degree burning sensation consists also applied to the amount of toxin that are too small for the application during or after the side effect is not seen , but the practice by a qualified physician to be done is very important , otherwise on the skin , swelling, redness or bruising are likely to occur .

Another area of application is the use of Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis is, hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating in certain areas of the body is the name given to the disease, with the application of Botox hands, feet, armpits excessive sweating in areas such as eliminating discomfort. Sweating is a method widely used in the treatment, botox forwarded to the sweat glands are blocked and thus sweating sweating warning is throttled down. Shows the effect of a period of 4-6 months, at which time the application must be repeated. As with Botox to feel any pain and anesthesia is not required. Immediately after application of Botox people can continue with their daily activities.

Botox is a procedure application temporarily and therefore must be reapplied after impact. In a short time to show the effect of the application to be completed without a problem depends on your doctor. For this reason, your choice of physician specialists in the field recommend that you choose.


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