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Skin Care



Skin Care

Skin care treatments to keep your skin young and live with can be seen . Applied in home skin masks, moisturizing creams , skin care creams such applications unfortunately can not meet the needs of your needed care . For this reason, applied by professional physicians must make professional skin care applications . These skin care treatments ; carbon peels, chemical peels , mesotherapy, PrP , mesolifting and fractional laser applications. Need to enforce monthly or yearly basis thanks to these skin care treatments your skin will look more vibrant and healthy defense mechanism against external factors as will be developed . Appropriate to your skin type of skin care treatments , skin analysis done by your physician will be determined after the program is started. with an average range of 5-6 weeks can be applied between 2-8 sessions and should continue at regular intervals .

Most of the skin care practices, it has become possible to treat blemishes, sun spots, these spots, acne scars, injury scars, freckles and blemishes can solarium. Blot the stain in the treatment of the most fundamental issues to be examined is that there is occurring a different reason, namely the formation of stain m from a disease that occurs with skin analysis is needed to uncover. According to these results, appropriate treatment should be chosen by your doctor. Through professional care is get rid of skin problems can have a healthy skin.

As a result of skin care applications substance called collagen in the skin is activated, and provides skin rejuvenation, skin renewal by providing these materials to the skin pores open and you will have a better. Skin care applications side effects are minimal, but your doctor who will perform the application experts in the field and has experience side effects and will affect the status of the application as you go casual. For this reason, your doctor have enough experience to be an expert and you should pay attention to. Your skin as a result of an incorrect application made ??irreversible may be exposed to serious problems. Your skin is always in need of care and happiness Please note that to look good ..


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