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What is Botox?

A bacterium named Clostridium botulinum secretes a protein which is used in botox practices. This material blocks electrical conduction between nerves and muscles so, decreases or eliminates functionality of muscle in that region. When the muscle loses its functionality, it can not contract and wrinkles on the skin decreases or disappears completely. Meanwhile skin finds an opportunity to recover.

Where Botox is Used?

1. Removal of wrinkles and lines on skin
2. On the lines between eyebrows which causes frowning brows appearence
3. Lifting nose tip
4. Smoothing chin skin
5. Excessive perspiration at hands, feet, face and underarms
6. Lifting corners of lips

Botox material is injected into muscle from few spots with special fine-tipped needles. Whole practice takes about 10-15 minutes. Botox practice’s effect starts at day 3-7 and effects remain 3-4 months approximately. Botox practices are used for aesthetic purposes for 15 years all around the world and FDA approved.

Practice must be done by doctors who have been trained on this subject, otherwise practice results may not be satisfactory and cause temporary problems.


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