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Skin Care



Oxygen, elixir of life, OXY-TECHNOLOGY

Oxygen is essential for living beings. It is neccessary for health of body tissue and hence skin care. Our skin cells need oxygen to maintain their activity and regeneration. The meaning of disappearance of our young and healty appearance as we get older, is decreased level of oxygen on our skin.

Action and Care

Maya Beauty Engineering created Oxy Life device which produce oxygen. Oxy Life’s useful spesifications and traditional care is brought together to stimulate and regenerate skin cells effectively in beauty centers.

Oxy Life device is presented for face care only.
1. Oxygen is used with Endocosmetic products which enable caring of all kinds of skins.
2. Irritaded skin texture is revived and relieved by pure oxygen spray massages.
3. Connective tissue is stimulated and flowability of liquids is accelerated by peeling and negative pressure technique.
4. Pressured oxygen helps micronized antioxidan compounts to penetrate into skin.
5. It performs aromatheraphy treatment by using useful effects of oxygenated essences.

Oxygen Treatment

It is suggested 1-2 sessions in a week and 8-10 sessions in total. Treatment is done with Oxy Life Plus device’s own serums (mbe). Every treatment session takes about one and a half hours.

Face Mesolifting

It means skin stretching. Wrinkle treatment with mesolifting can be categorized under 2 topics. First is anti-aging treatments and second is wrinkle removal with lots of different treatments, mainly dermafiller materials for wrinkles which are occured during aging process


Mesotheraphy, is a supportive method for applying anti-aging materials to the body. Instead of giving anti-aging materials into the body in a systemic way, direct mesotheraphy treatment provides medicine activity at desired regions and prevents other organs from unnnecessary exhaustion. According to condition of skin and wrinkles, wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation treantment can be done in same session. First expected effect is sparkling, alive face. Second effects is meso-lifting. Stretching and lifting is felt around every needle. Third effect is filling. This effect is temporary at first treatment sessions.


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