Dr. Kubilay Yücel





  • He was born in 1962,
  • Kubilay Yucel was graduated in Ege University, Faculty of Medicine in 1986.
  • In 1991, he completed his specialization in Dermatology in Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty.
  • He moved to Antalya in 1992 and started to work in his private clinic.
  • Since 1998, He has specialized in Aesthetic Dermatology (aspecially botulinum toxin, injectable fillers and laser treatments) and with 21 years of experience, he has pioneered the development of Aesthetic Dermatology in Turkey.
  • He has also been a trainer Dermatologist of Allergan for many years on botulinum toxin and filler applications.
  • He has taken part as a speaker, lecturer and practitioner in hundreds of congresses and workshops in Turkey.
  • He also contributes the education of Medical Doctors in his own clinic.
  • He believes that, trainings are very important for these kind of applications to be carried out in expert hands and he always works towards this aim.

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