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Non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation

Ultra Skin firmness of the skin due to the loss experienced sagging eyebrows, forehead, jaw line, jowl area, décolleté and creases around the eyes, tightening surgery and recovery ...

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New Discoveries in the Treatment of Obesity

According to recent research conducted by the Ministry of Health in Turkey obesity rates are 20.5% for men 41.0% in women, Was found to be 30.3% in total. As obesity in our country in the world is increasing day by day ....

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5th Cosmetic Dermatology Symposium in Istanbul

Dermatologist Dr. Kubilay Yücel 5th Symposium on Cosmetic Dermatology in Istanbul will be a speaker. Event will take place between May 13 to 17 DR. Kubilay Yücel Face Upper Part Fill Applications, Wrinkle Reduction Injectables will speak on the subject.

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