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Prp Treatment (Dracula Theraphy)



PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

PRP, is a short form for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment. In this practice, a small amount of blood is taken from patient. This blood is centrifugated and seperated into components. Little amount of PRP obtained from this process is injected back to the patient.

With the most general definition, PRP can be practiced to regions like face, neck, decollete region, hands, arms and inner legs.

PRP can be practiced for:

  • Fast restructuring of skin after laser and peeling practices,
  • Recovering from damages of UV lights at skin like wrinkles, loss of elasticity and brighness ,
  • Controlling situations that skin character is hurt and recovery process is long.
  • Hair loss as a solo practice or support for other practices

PRP practice takes 30 minutes approximately. Practice does not hurt more than blood taking process. PRP and mesotheraphy practices is done under 1,5mm of skin. Deeper practices are required to bring volume to skin but, anesthetic creams are applied on skin on these practices to block pain. Full effect is seen after 3 or 4 practice sessions (after one cure is completed). Result is seen as a permanent brightness and recovery.

What are the Prospects from PRP Practices?

PRP practices for cosmetic purposes have lots of superior spesifications. These practices have long term results and they rejuvenate skin. They are practiced easy and safely and remove wrinkles by rejuvenating skin.

Each cure consists of 3 or 4 sessions and must be repeated every 10-12 months. This way rejuvenation effect is provided as long as possible.


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