Dr. Kubilay Yücel

Golden Skin Care



Gold is not used widely for skin treatments because, it is hard to dissolve and penetrate into skin.

UMO developed a material using registered Gamma PGA/NAno Mist technology which dissolves gold and carries it into skin barrier. Thus all advantages provided by gold is taken, immediate and permament results are taken.

Features & Benefits

Purity of gold is measued by carat. Pure gold is 24 carats. Effects obtained using this purity by UMO 24 Carat Gold Face Care System:

* Provides tightening and lifting. Gold keeps skin from sagging by decelerating collagen decreases and elastin disruptions. Provides durable skin cells and creates tightening effect in this manner.

* Decreases thin lines and wrinkled appearence. Gold is carried to skin with Gamma PGA which has superior moisturizing formula. This formula keeps moisture inside and provides smoother, more elastic skin appearence

* Anti-inflammation feature of gold reduces inflammation on skin and decelerates secretion of melanin. It removes age spots and lights up the skin.

* Helps preventing skin from premature aging.

Healthy Negative Ions

It is known that negative ions are incredibly beneficial for health. Negative ions eliminates free radicals on skin cells, balances acidic level of tissue liquid.


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