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Fissure Treatment

Some long lines may occur because of genetic structure, pregnancy, puberty or extra weight

Why Fissures Occur?

Fissures occur on regions that have constant stretch. Abdomen, chest on women, thigh, hip, around knee, legs, arms and shoulders on body builders are most common regions that fissures occur.

Hormonal alterations, skin expansions over capacity and uncontrolled exercises ease tissure occurrence but, genetic tendency is located as the most significant factor.

Are There Any Way to Prevent From Fissures?

You must control your weight and not gain or lose weight quickly to prevent from tissures. But if genetic tendency is a factor, stopping fissure occurrence may be a tough thing.

What is Biodermogenesi Fissure Treatment?

The most distinctive feature of this method is providing rejuvenation and regeneration of tissues biologically. Normalization is triggered without generation of scars and increment of natural collagen and elastic tissue is provided. This leads epidermis to get normal color production mechanism back. Thus, skin color returns normal after this process.

Biodermogenesi Fissure Treatment can not be applied to people who has hormonal diseases, pacemaker, metal prosthesis and who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Other than that, every healty person at any age is appropriate. Healing is clearly visible after treatment but restructuring under skin continues for another 6 months. It takes 2-3 sessions in a week, 15-20 sessions at total. For another practice session, it is advised to wait for 6 months.

Laser systems, radiofrequency, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, carboxytherapy, mesotheraphy, micropigmentation and creams that contain some retinoid group products are other methods that may be effective on fissures.


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