Dr. Kubilay Yücel

Skin Rejuenation via Radiofrequency



REGEN device practices lifting at face, neck, arms and abdomen regions. Production of collagens, recovering skin tone, lifting sagging skin regions are clinically proven effects of REGEN.

Action and Cares

* Body Forming
* Face Contouring
* Skin Lifting
* Cellulite Reduction
* Local Fat Reduction
* Peripheral Slimming

RF energy is used in medical treatments continuously because of its safety and effectiveness intended for skin heating. RF currents under medical and aesthetic treatments are currents penetrating under skin from electrodes with a specific frequency. RF currents are created when charged particles move through a close circuit. When RF currents penetrates through skin layers, tissue at the layer starts to heat up because of electrical resistance.

How Long is a Treatment Session?

A Typical Cure involves 6-8 sessions. Every session is 20 minutes approximately(depends on region).

What Results Should Be Expected After Treatment?

  • When TriPollar™ cares reaches enough level of heat on collagen fibers, oscillation starts on these fibers right away
  • Clearly visible results, smoother, recovered and well toned skin after first session
  • Long term results


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