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Genital Warts Treatment



What is Genital Wart?

HPV ( Human Papilloma virus) is a common name for viruses more than 60. These viruses may cause warts on any regions of body. Some of them are transmitted through sexual ways. These particular viruses create condyloma acuminata(genital warts) disease. This infection is seen often.

What are the symptoms?

Disease does not have any symptoms most of the time. Warts occur on %30 of patiens approximately. Warts are at vagina, around anus or vulva on women. They may also occur at groins, legs, neck or other regions of body. Warts are at penis or sacks on men.

Warts may occur in every sizes as alone or in groups.

Treatment Options:

  • Nothing is done:

    Natural recovery of body may be awaited. Noncervical warts may disappear in 3 months, at %20-30 of people.

  • Cryotherapy:

    Warts are filled with liquid nitrogen. This treatment is cheaper and quite effective on small warts.

  • Chemicals:

    Some chemicals may be used to remove warts.

  • Trichloroacetic Acid:

    Acid is absorbed by warts. Treatment repeated each week for 6 weeks

  • Electrocauterisation:

    Warts are disposed with electricity. Local anesthesia is used during treatment.

  • Laser Treatment:

    Warts are removed with laser beams. Treatment is useful for warts at genital region and vocal cords. Treatment is done after other methods are tried. Local anesthesia is used. Treatment may leave scars or infections. Possible use of painkillers for 3 weeks may be required

  • Interferon Treatment:

    This antiviral medicine is injected into wart. This treatment is not preferred beacuse, it is high-priced and have lots of side effects.


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