Dr. Kubilay Yücel

Laser Supported Spider Veins Treatment



What is Varicosis? What are the Reasons?

Varicosis is simply a vein which is widened, thickened and bended irregularly. Varicosis term is usually used for varicose veins at legs and hip but, varicosis may be seen on other regions of body such as around the face, nose, cheeks etc. Malfunction at valves at vein system may also lead to varicosis.

Laser Supported Varicose Spider Veins Treatment

Besides surgical and invasive procedures, laser supported vericose spider veins treatment provides permanent results without a hitch in daily life. Moreover, laser treatments takes much less time than surgical operations.

How Many Sessions Does Practice Take? How Much a Session Take?

Laser supported Varicose Treatment usually takes 1-6 sessions to get a result. But your doctor’s evaluation after and before every session is the main point here. Average session duration is 5 – 30 minutes.


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